Approved brokers for the African Trade Insurers.

International Reach

At present, although we have numerous international clients and practically all diplomatic missions. However, we feel that there still is room for further developments in this area in the face of stiff and well entranced competition.

For Impex, there has never been a need to communicate its services to its targets through any kind of above-the-line advertising technique in the past, as it had built a solid reputation of trust and guaranteed quality of service through the strongest single advertising medium that exists: ‘word-of-mouth’. For functioning on a local level this was and remains sufficient. However, the company realises that in order to give foreign businesses the benefit of its superior personalised services it has to reach out to them through a medium that they are both familiar with, can trust, which enables the company to communicate effectively as well as reveal explicitly the kind of company that they are.

The added benefit of using the Internet as a medium through which potential customers can be reached, is that it allows instant communication to occur and shows the world that Impex is an advanced and innovative personality which is ever ready to take up new challenges that is now becoming a regular feature in its fast emerging global environment.

Local Reach

As we have been operating in Tanzania over half a century, we can boast a wealth of experience and contacts. Our local presence as brokers in the heart of the city means that we have our finger on the local pulse and are consequently easily able to access our target market. This allows us to have the resources at hand, enabling us to offer superior value-added services on a regional and international level.

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